Opting out
of the

Find a Professional

If you don't want to be on the register, please consider the following:

By being on the register, you are demonstrating your professionalism and contributing to the integrity of the fitness industry. Employers, clients, and participants will be able to identify you on the register and confirm that you are certified and hold the additional training that you market yourself with. This is important for liability insurance and protection of fitness consumers.

By NOT being on the register, You won't be identifiable to your employer, clients, or participants, which may result in questions coming to you such as "I looked for you on repscanada and didn't find you there, why not?" This will inevitably bring up questions regarding your professionalism and commitment to the industry and your clients and participants. As well, many employers are increasingly required to show proof of certification for insurance purposes, should the need arise, such as in a case of client or participant injury.

We recognize that for some individuals who have not kept up their certifications, this may give them the nudge they need to bring things up to date, which is the point of the register. As an industry, we need to demonstrate our professionalism, and part of that professionalism is maintaining our credentials.

If you still wish to opt out of the register (removing yourself so that no one can find you), please follow these steps:

For canfitpro members:
Visit your Member Profile (you will need both your username and password), and once logged in, you will need to go to the "update my profile" section. Once there, uncheck the box to appear on repscanada.

If you are not a canfitpro member:
Please contact repscanada at info@repscanada.com.